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About Tatiana Gilstrap

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My research interests are in using seismic methods to study the uppermost subsurface of the Earth. I have experience with both earthquake and controlled source data. The controlled-source experiments are conducted to define depth to bedrock, water table, and fractures. In addition to seismic method I use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) analysis. This summer I worked with two students over a period of 8 weeks. We completed a summer research project on defining depth to bedrock, on the Randolph College campus. My intention is to continue to do similar work in different areas in Lynchburg. My interest in earthquake seismology is focused on using different signal processing techniques to monitor changes in the Earth’s crust before and after a major earthquake. I will be working on some California data in the next couple of years, in collaboration with scientists from Georgia Tech. I work with seismic equipment, two sets of GPR, and a seismograph station currently being installed at RC by Virginia Tech.


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