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--Physics B.A., B.S. & Concentration
--Engineering Physics Dual Degree (3/2)
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Programs Offered


  • Physics Minor
    • 1 year General Physics
    • 1 year Modern Physics
    • 1 additional semester class
  • Engineering Minor
    •  1 year General Physics
    • 1 semester Matlab & Labview
    • Statics
    • Green Engineering
    • Electronics or Thermondynamics

  • Physics B.A.: 39 credits of physics and math including Senior Research.

  • Physics B.S.: 65 credits of physics, math, chemistry, and computer science including Senior Research.

  • Engineering Physics Dual Degree (3/2) Program: for the student who wants a degree in an engineering field.

  • Course Descriptions: for the physics department.

  • Physics Education Major: do you want to be a teacher? Physics teachers are always in high demand, and we have a degree and licensure program.

       Randolph offers a strong and competitive physics major. As well as the minors ih Physics and in Engineering, we have the B.A. and the B.S. in Physics, the B.S. in Engineering Physics (for students who want to do a "dual degree" program and get a degree in physics from us and one in engineering from an engineering school), and the teacher licensure degree.  We encourage our students to expand their scope by taking elective courses in physics, in mathematics, the other sciences, and in the humanities.  Our physics major has proven to be excellent in preparing students for graduate study in many different fields. Every senior does independent research in their field of choice, and it does not have to be a specialty of our faculty. Our faculty specialties include geophysics, earthquake seismology, relativity, astrophysics, science education, solid-state physics, low-temperature physics, and laser spectroscopy.

       Physics majors always have the opportunity to work with faculty in the summer research program.   

Department of Physics
Randolph College
2500 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503
tel.: (434) 947-8488   fax: (434) 947-8333