Date             : October 25, 2005

Aim              : To determine the coefficients of static friction and kinetic  


Name            : Marja A. Copeland

Lab partner  : Sarah Tibby




        Experimentation, repetition, failure, success,

        Hanging masses after masses we tried our best.

          Coefficients big, coefficients small,

        Doing trial after trial, we did it all.

        Mass one, mass two were names we gave,

        To these strange objects we had to manipulate.

        Two hundred grams, four hundred grams, five-fifty, and then six,

        To get the coefficients we tried all the tricks.

        Friction, tension, pulleys, mass,

        Normal force equals mass times acceleration, imagine that.


        Acceleration due to gravity is nine point eight

        The coefficient of static friction we need to calculate.

        Dividing six-eight-six by five-eight-eighty gave point one

        That’s the coefficient of static friction but we’re not done

        One answer down, one answer still to get,

        We keep adding masses; we’re not there as yet.

        The object moves, then it stays in place,

        If it keeps moving we’ve won this race.

        Four-ninety divided by six-eight-sixty giving zero point zero seven

        Finally! The coefficient of kinetic energy, after what, trial eleven?


        After struggling with friction, tension, pulleys, mass

        Normal force still equals mass times acceleration, imagine that.



                                                                                            Marja A. Copeland