Physics Lab Report #9- Creative Lab

Lab Partner: Marja Copeland

Date: October 25, 2007


Friction among other things...

Mass, Pulley, Strings,

Movement in Opposition,

Measure of Static and Kinetic Coefficients,

Energy and Friction among other things.

Experiment: designed, ran, coefficients measured

To see if an unusual situation was at hand among other things.

Data: obtained, calculated and standardized.

Now, reported among other things...

Coefficients of static friction: one trial after the other...

One 0.11, Two 0.12, Three 0.16 and Four 0.22.

How close were these coefficients  to themselves you ask?

Well, according to the Master of Excel the mean static coefficient was 0.15 0.04.

Needed to maintain a steady movement among other things;

The average coefficient of kinetic force

Was found to be 0.070 0.002.

Analysis: good or bad? Typically these coefficients lie between 0 and 1

I say good based on the small standard error

And how close the data were for each trial among other things.

Mission accomplished? Certainly.

One thing learnt among other things..

Friction: rubbing  of an object against a surface, bodies in contact,

Conflict between persons and a resistance force

Among other things...
















I am Marja Copeland and I am Sarah Tibby wishing you pleasant viewing!