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Careers/Graduate School

Computer Science Chemistry Research Science Management  
Journalism Law Environmental Engineering Radiology  
Geophysics Biophysics Mechanical Engineering Meteorology  
Architecture Teaching Chemical Engineering Medicine  
Astronomy Business Electrical Engineering Oceanography  

... information on careers, graduate school, and how to get from a Physics Degree to There can be found on this page ...

Everyone should go through the SPS Careers Toolbox:


Links to career services at the main Physics Societies:

Here is a list of companies hiring Physics Bachelors, by state:

And be sure to check out this link at the APS:

Here is a great resource to find a graduate school:

Here are some useful sites about the Physics GRE with old tests and solutions:





Scholarships and Fellowships can be found here


If you are on campus, please check out the graduate school and career information in the Physics Lab; Dr. Sheldon has a book, some handouts, and a video on careers in his office

Please use the Career Development Center on campus:

Interested in teaching Physics? See this link

Here are a few specific graduate programs who have sent their info

But don't limit yourself to searching physics websites for a job! There are so many things you can do. Physics helps you to think... physicists can be found in financial companies, law offices, etc. How about cartooning? The author of Fox Trot is a physicist! What about a science or technical writer? You should really be a teacher. Wouldn't it be fun to work in a science museum?

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