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faculty and students

Tom Michalik
....Peter Sheldon
....Tatiana Toteva

...Class of 2010
....Cheridan Harris                              ....Iva Gerasimenko                             ...Class of 2009
Tiffany Paonessa                    ....Wai Sze Cheung                ....Katrina Wiechmann                           ....Stephanie Lyons

See the list of our physics alumnae.

SPS members
See the SPS page for a list of our members.

ΣπΣ members
See the Sigma Pi Sigma page for a list of our inductees.


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lonely?  Need help navigating a  black hole?  If so, ask us:

. Physics@Randolph College!
The Randolph College Physics department  boasts small classes and close interactions with faculty and staff.  In recent years, 70% of physics majors have gone on to graduate study. 
Students have been actively involved in research.  Recent topics include "
The New Science Teacher: Educational Resources for the Science Educator" and "Luminescence Spectroscopy of Optical Crystals Using a Home-Built Dye Laser".

More information on the department can be found at the Physics department website.



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